Wednesday, 15 October 2008


We're hosting on Saturday. Being in an authoritarian mood I informed my housemate I couldn't countenance plastic in the shopping. I have therefore volunteered to make pizzas, dips, cakes and sweets myself rather than buying them. This is pleasing to me as I violently dislike those horrible plasticky sets of four dips people buy. EVERY ONE of those dips tastes like a different variation of rubber. I will also get lots of orange juice from the milkman and try to make some non-alcoholic and alcoholic punches.

They are providing paper plates and cups. I dislike the waste of using these ever so we're just using up the ones they already have and after that I've promised to do all the washing up of the crockery (However I have a sneaking suspicion my housemate will buy more paper cups, take off the plastic, and claim they were just lying around the house somewhere).

We will buy beer in bottles or cans in cardboard boxes (I'm being lenient about the cans, as cans almost certainly have plastic in them), and wine with proper corks and foil on them (difficult to work this out before opening).

I will try to make breadsticks. This seems a bit tedious but they're a dreadful waste of money and packaging and my housemate seems to want them.

BUT what about mixers? Coke, lemonade, tonic water. It seems quite rude not to provide anything to mix your drinks with. Is there a way of making water carbonated without a soda streamer? I could certainly do with a G&T...

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Abi said...

Well, if you are being lenient about cans you could always get cans of mixers.

Another way of making things fizzy is to ferment them... Not much good as mixers, though.

I never seem to provide mixers - we just get really drunk.

Soluble vitamin c tablets? Available in plastic bottles.

The thing about carbonation is that you need to force carbon dioxide into liquid at pressure. Could you not find a soda stream to borrow or buy from a charity shop?